How to stop touchable behaviour of the tabs with Expo manager tabbed (TS) projects

I created managed Tabbed (TS) project with Expo-cli. The tabs are scrollable in web. When I slide the tabs from left to right they switch to next or previous depending on the direction. But the problem occurs when I create flatlist with images, and slide with those, the whole tab slides. No change happens to the flatlist. it only changes when I add showsHorizontalScrollIndicator prop and move the scroll. But it was supposed to move when I slide through the items.

So how can I do the followings:

  1. Stop scrolling/ sliding behavior of Tabs
  2. Scroll / slide through items of Flatlist

One more thing I experienced that, when I added items more than the tab height, they exist but I couldn’t scroll below. It seems scrolling vertically not possible.


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