How to set the Mime Type when audio recording

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms: Android
  3. expo-av

I use expo-av^9.2.3 and try to record audio using this library.

This is the config and some codebase.

let temp = {
        android: {
        audioEncoder: 3,
        bitRate: 128000,
        extension: ".wav",
        numberOfChannels: 1,
        outputFormat: 2,
        sampleRate: 44100,
       ios: {
         audioQuality: 127,
         bitRate: 128000,
         extension: ".caf",
         linearPCMBitDepth: 16,
         linearPCMIsBigEndian: false,
         linearPCMIsFloat: false,
         numberOfChannels: 2,
         sampleRate: 44100,
       isMeteringEnabled: true,

const { recording } = await Audio.Recording.createAsync(temp);

I tried to save this file on the local and the file extension was .wav.

This is the example of local uri.

But when checking the metadata of this file, I see its file type is .mp4.

Are there any way to get only .wav file?


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