How to set Admob API Content Rating

I have an application targeted for G [3+] populations (cf. Set the maximum ad content rating for an app or account - Google AdMob Help) that use admob SDK for providing some ads (Banner and Interstitial).

After submitting the app to google play, it was rejected because it should include instructions like this :
AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder()

But, the expo mobile SDK don’t provide any way (as specifying the emulator devices) to set such configurations,

Could you please help me to include this new requirements in the underlying framework react-native-admob (GitHub - sbugert/react-native-admob: A react-native component for Google AdMob banners)?


Hey @baidourihicham,

I’m thinking you’ll have to detach and use that react-native-library in order to set the necessary configurations you mentioned. I’ll also discuss with the team and see if updating the Admob API is within the scope of a near-term SDK release.



Hi @adamjnav,

Thanks for your response,

Best Regards.