How to see error logs of an app published to

I published an Expo app to and I’m getting a blank screen after the splash screen. I’m guessing that there’s an error message behind this. Is there a way to see the app’s error logs without using an error logging service like Sentry?


@whilestevego I think you can see them from But also, is this blank screen issue only happening on the published app and not the develop version?

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hello steve! you can look at your device logs to see if anything useful pops up there, if not then you should use something like sentry. you can see info for that here:

additionallty, react-native provides a global error handler hook that you can use, this is what sentry uses:

  ErrorUtils.setGlobalHandler((error, isFatal) => {
     // do something with the error
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Hi @nikki . It’s only happening on the published app. It works fine in simulator or on my iPhone with exp tunneling.

Thanks for the trick. I’m not quite getting the error message I’m looking for. Looks like I may have to use the global error handler hook as @notbrent is suggesting. Thanks for the tip, @notbrent!

did you ever solve this? I seem to be getting a white screen too, but no error logs to sentry

For android you may run “adb logcat”. It helped me to see error message. Had white screen in production and everything was ok in debug mode. Looks like it happened for me because of production js optimizations.

I’m trying to see logs for a published app, but I don’t know what the “” trick is. Could you please give more details? Thank you! @whilestevego