How to run against localhost?

Is there a tutorial can explains how to run an expo app (managed) against localhost?
I would like to test an API using fetch but it always fails when the base url is http://localhost:<port> while it works fine with Postman.

No issues if the API is live on some remote server but I need to test it with localhost.


You can always use a tunnel proxy server. Maybe will work or maybe you need a full tunnel like localtunnel or ngrock. Here is one:

We’ve built this into our whole team’s dev working environment so that development more closely mirrors production. We even run our dev machines on EC2 instances using the same docker instance and use localtunnel for testing our Expo app against them.

I was stunned by your affiliation.

I tried localtunnel indeed before I posted the question.
My backend is running locally on port 60000, then i started localtunnel with lt --port 60000 and got a temporary https url.
When I use it as my base url for expo, my API calls still timeout and don’t work.
It seems to work with everybody but not with me and I don’t understand why…