how to remove permission android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO,

How to remove permission
android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO,
to upload on google play store
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  1. SDK Version:37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

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Have you seen and ?

You can do sth like this in your app.json

 "expo": {
     "android": {
          "permissions":  [

Just include the permissions you need

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this doesn’t appear to work as even when permissions are set to : , Expo is ignoring this and populates requested permissions with lots of things like wifi and network access, sms etc etc.

True. There is a set of minimum permissions:

 To use ONLY the following minimum necessary permissions and none of the extras supported
      by Expo, set "permissions" to []. The minimum necessary permissions do not require a
      Privacy Policy when uploading to Google Play Store and are:

      • receive data from Internet
      • view network connections
      • full network access
      • change your audio settings
      • draw over other apps
      • prevent device from sleeping

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