How to remove non-certified ads SDK to fix Play Store issue with Family Ads Program

I am facing a problem with Google Play Store rejecting my kids-directed app due to some use of a non-certified Ad SDK, even though I don’t serve any ads. The rejection description doesn’t inform me which SDK is causing the problem.

I am using Expo 39 and building the app bundle using the managed workflow.

I already tried adding the config

"android": { "enableDangerousExperimentalLeanBuilds": true }

on my app.json file (which supposedly removes any unused SDKs) and it did not work, still rejected.

The rejection:

Issue: Violation of Families Policy Requirements

We have detected that your app includes non-certified ad SDKs or SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services. Any SDKs used in the app must be appropriate for use in child-directed services. Additionally, apps that solely target children must not contain any SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services, including ads SDKs. Apps in the Designed for Families program must only use ad SDKs that have certified their compliance with the Families Ads Program.

This is a critical issue for my business, it is the only issue delaying the launch of my app. Please help!


Same issue,

I’ve updated the app to use the SDK 39 and, and set permissions in app.json to an empty array and got rejected.

Same issue here! Ejecting to a bare project is not an option for me.

@kasmo Unfortunately ejecting the app is the only way to work around this. Check this thread: Play Store issue about Family Ads Program - #32 by notbrent

Has anyone explored option to fork Expo SDK in Github and remove Facebook SDK?
this way it might be possible to keep managed workflow?

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