How to remove Game Center, In-App Purchases and Push Notifications

My app says it uses Game Center and Push Notifications, but I don’t want it to and I have not configured it to. When I go to “Edit your App ID Configuration” on Apple Developer, I see that “Game Center” is checked but grayed out so I can’t unselect it (?!?!). Same with In-App Purchases. I also see that “Push Notifications” is NOT selected, and yet I get an email from Apple saying “MISSING PUSH NOTIFICATION ENTITLEMENT”. What is going on and how do I fix these?

I’ve checked:

  • (all sections) - nowhere is “Push Notifications” selected/enabled
  • XCode “Signing & Capabilities” - none
  • XCode Entitlements File - empty
  • expo app.json - no references
  • I’ve also searched the entire codebase (both in Xcode and javascript) for “application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken” as per missing push notification entitelm… | Apple Developer Forums

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