How to remove credentials configurations?

Hello here,

I would like to know if we can remove credentials configurations? We created too many configurations and didn’t find how to delete one of them:

Thanks for your help!

Hey @connectneo1, you can manage your credentials with the eas credentials command.

Thanks for your reply Adam, unfortunately I didn’t find a way to properly delete an application identifier (maybe the title was misleading?) when using this command.

I’ve got the same issue. Any answers?

It looks like there’s no way to directly delete the application identifier from the project at the moment. I suppose if you really need to do that, maybe you could delete and recreate the project. Of course, download any credentials you still need if you are going to do this.

Could you explain why you need to do this, though?

Thanks for your reply. We don’t have a strong need to delete the wrong configuration, we can live with it for now. That was just in order to prevent potential confusion with the real used configuration.