How to remove AMPLITUDE SDK from my apk file?

  1. SDK Version:35.0.0
  2. Platforms: Android

I have made a simple quiz game where user guesses what’s on the picture and enters the answer.
I wanted to upload my app to Amazon Apps since Google Play wasn’t free but when I uploaded, they told me that I have to remove AMPLITUDE SDK from my apk which I didn’t know even existed at all. Expo CLI apparently has installed additional libraries inside my apk which I don’t know.
How can I remove it without too much work? Help please :slight_smile:


Expo has various things built in so that if you need them they are there. I believe they are working to make it possible to remove certain things without ejecting, but they are not there yet.

So if you want to remove one of the built-in libraries, you are unfortunately going to have to eject.

By the way, what was the reasoning for you having to remove Amplitude?

Hello. I didn’t want to make any change inside Expo CLI at all. It’s just that Amazon App Store doesn’t let me submit my app if I don’t remove Amplitude SDK. And I don’t know how to even remove it

I was wondering what Amazon’s reason was for asking you to remove it. Perhaps you can explain to them that it is included in Expo apps automatically and that your app doesn’t use it.

If you need to remove it you would need to start by ejecting.

I have not needed to eject, so I’m not sure how much help I can be with that, but if you decide to do that you should start by reading the Bare Workflow documentation. Perhaps you can explain to them that it is automatically included in Expo apps and that your app doesn’t use it.

Yeah I have already emailed the support team. Because working with ejected Expo would be too tiresome. Hope they will understand :slight_smile: Thanks!

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