how to put android:installLocation="auto" in a app.json file

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I m stuck,

I would like to allow my expo react native app
to be moveable on microsd card,

I m looking for the way to put this (should be in the android manifest file, cannot find it on an expo project)


in the app.json file

Could you please help me with a full app.json code example ?


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Hey @weeloom, this won’t be possible in a Managed workflow project. In order to do this, you’d need to use the Bare workflow which exposes the native directories required to make the changes you mentioned.


Hi, thanks for your answer.
Is there a way to do it into the app.json by calling a special property or permission?
(I know you can call permissions but I don t see the one which enables to install the app on an external sd card, I ve been looking through the expo doc)

Thanks, hope to find the answer or method.

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