How to publish updates to Standalone Apps?

I’ve been working on an Expo app, and I’ve created standalone versions for Android and iOS.
I want to publish my app today and send some JS updates within the next days.

How users will get my latest updates, do I need to publish new builds to the App Stores every time I have a new version to publish?

In Building Standalone Apps doc I’ve found

For the most part, when you want to update your app, just Publish again from exp or XDE. Your users will download the new JS the next time they open the app. To ensure your users have a seamless experience downloading JS updates, you may want to enable background JS downloads. However, there are a couple reasons why you might want to rebuild and resubmit the native binaries:

enable background JS downloads has a link to another doc, but this link is dead

Can you help me please?

Hi, here are the working docs links for:

tl;dr no you don’t need to publish a new build to the app store for most changes. You might also want to read more about how publishing works in Expo.

thanks for your answer @ben! I published my app and the updates look good!

I’m thinking on removing the default permissions assigned on android, do you know if I need any of this permissions?

Thanks again!

If you want to override the default permissions we provide with a standalone Android app, you can provide the android.permissions key in app.json.

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