How to publish managed workflows app with >150MB asset

I am developing an app with many images. For illustration, suppose they are altogether >150MB but <1GB. Then, when uploading the built .aab file to Google Play, I get the following warning:

Your App Bundle contains the following configurations where the initial install would exceed the maximum size of 150 MB…

So, the problem is obvious. I try to search for solution, and I have formulated the following ideas.

  1. Prepare a server and make the asset as downloadable content. In view of the cost and effect, it is the very very last thing I want to think about.

  2. It seems that native approach, i.e. Play Asset Delivery, is not yet supported by Expo. c.f.
    So to do the splitting of asset, I need to leave the managed workflows.

Is there any better approach?

Hey @ericcatexpo,

It can be possible to create a config plugin around the integration of asset delivery steps described in the Android documentation: Integrate asset delivery (Kotlin & Java)  |  Android Developers and use the custom dev client builds.

In my investigation, I didn’t see a direct approach to this. I can suggest you take further assistance from our recommended consultants: Consultants — Expo as it is not an Expo related issue.

Dear @amanhimself,

Thank you very much for your reply as well as your time of investigation.

I understand why right now there is no simple solution. I just really hope that one day Expo can handle this issue for us seamlessly. Indeed, I think that it prevents us from publishing any rich offline app (e.g. indie games) through the Expo ecosystem. In that case, it may be a strong reason to consider switching to other cross-platform engines which give us a hand.