How to Properly Use Audio

I am trying to use the Audio through the code snippets provided in documentation (Audio - Expo Documentation).

  componentDidMount() {

  async playSound() {
    const soundObject = new Audio.Sound();
      await soundObject.loadAsync(require('./assets/sounds/hello.mp3'));
      await soundObject.playAsync();
      // Your sound is playing!
      // NO IT IS NOT PLAYING :-(

The simplest possible snack that I tried is here: Audio Test - Snack

The problem is no matter what I do, I can not hear the sound.

Can it be related with the documentation or the expo application or - most possibly - something crucial I am missing?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @mehmetkaplan- that snack works for me. What device are you running it on? (Also, make sure your device isn’t on silent! :smile:)

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That is embarrassing :face_with_hand_over_mouth::disappointed_relieved: but you are totally right.
I had tried with two different phones unluckily both were in silent mode.

Thanks you…

Haha, I only know because I’ve been there. Glad it was a simple fix

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