How to prevent Sentry error uploads in debug mode?

So, I followed the instructions for adding sentry-expo to my Bare workflow app (GitHub - expo/sentry-expo), and it worked… a little too well :-).

In Managed workflow, Sentry by default does not upload error logs when running in development mode in the Expo app. It has the option enableInExpoDevelopment which is set to false by default, but can be overridden.

In Bare, I tried toggling various flags, like debug and enableInExpoDevelopment, but it kept sending errors when I was running the app in debug/ development mode. Even setting the wrong DSN in the JavaScript init didn’t stop the logs. The only thing that stopped them was changing the name of the file created by the Sentry Wizard during setup.

Any ideas how to turn this off in development without doing something so drastic?