How to play audio from a local file

i’m currently developing an app which take a youtube video download it as mp3 audio and store it on the phone using expo File system the problem is i cannot hear anything when i try to run the audio when i load it from localfiles
exmaple : uri: FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'Jessie_Reyez_-_COFFIN_(Audio)_ft._Eminem.mp3',
i get no error yet i can’t hear anything even if it show me it playing the audio
here us the code i use please if anyone have any idea how this work let me know

code to store audio

export const downLoadAudio  = async () => {
  // await FileSystem.deleteAsync(FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'Jessie_Reyez_-_COFFIN_(Audio)_ft._Eminem.mp3');
  const downloadResumable = FileSystem.createDownloadResumable(
    FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'Jessie_Reyez_-_COFFIN_(Audio)_ft._Eminem.mp3',
  try {
    const { uri } = await downloadResumable.downloadAsync();
    console.log('Finished downloading to ', uri);
  } catch (e) {

code to play the audio