How to pass navigator prop inside render header

How to pass navigator prop inside render header of ExNavigation because i want push new component when click on view that inside navheader . Please guys help me to resolve problem.
there is any way to solve the problem.

This is mine renderHeader piece of code:

_renderHeader = () => {
return <View style={{ height: metrics.DEVICE_HEIGHT, width: IMAGE_WIDTH }}>


render() {
return (

renderTitle={isSelected => this._renderTitle(“Home”, isSelected)}>
defaultRouteConfig={{ navigationBar: { backgroundColor: “white” } }}
initialRoute={Router.getRoute(“products”, {
magentoData: this.props.magentoData,
bannerData: this.props.bannerData


Please take look into my piece of code…

hi @kulbhushansingh, if its not parent to child communication, you should consider using react State instead.

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thanks , I got the solution mam…
Mam i have little bit more query . I want to implement scrollable tabs with text please suggest me which dependency is better in expo. To make tabs fully customized for both ios and android…
Thanks in advance.

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