How to manage multiple releaseChannels with expo-update

Hello, team!

Could you tell me how to manage multiple releaseChannel with expo-update?
Or is there a way to prevent to overwrite my Expo.plist and AndroidManifest.xml after expo publish.


I’m about to use 2 release channels, staging and production, and I found that after expo publish --release-channel staging, it automatically hard-codes releaseChannel: staging' my Expo.plistandAndroidManifest.xml`.

After that when I publish to production, my Expo.plist and AndroidManifest.xml’s releaseChannel becomes production and I need to commit them again.

So, do you have any ways to switch release channels?


@ksmzn you need to save each configuration in 2 branch of your git repo : one for staging, one for production :frowning: