How to locates downloaded file on device

I am downloading a file from using FileSystem.downloadAsync(). it is downloaded successfully and runs on device well but when i am save that file on device i am not been able to find in memory, the path where it is saving file on ios is
what could be the possible solution if want to open my downloaded video with like gallery or camera roll.
here is my code .

) .then(({ uri }) => {
console.log(‘uri is ::’, uri);
self.setState({video:uri, showVideo:true});
console.log('Finished downloading to ', uri);
.catch(error => {

Hey @mghazanfar89,

You call pass the uri to either our MediaLibrary API or React Native’s CameraRoll API and save the video to Gallery or Photos. The MediaLibrary gives you a bit more power to do things such as place it in a certain album or create a new album altogether.



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