How to load plain text asset?

Hello, I have a huge json file in my project and I am trying to parse it at runtime instead of include it in JS bundle. Ideally it should be stringified and base64 compressed into a plain text asset, then shipped with the apk/ipa.
However I have not found any way to do this with Asset API. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot

JSON is already text so base64 wouldn’t be compressing it? Regardless, you can have it as a .txt file in your project, Expo.Asset.fromModule(require(..,)) should give you an Asset version of it. Then you can use Expo.FileSystem.downloadAsync(...) to download it from the remote URI to a file then read that with Expo.FileSystem.readAsStringAsync(...). If you include it in assetBundlePatterns in your ‘app.json’ it could be bundled with the .apk.

Thanks for your response, I tried this way but always get the error:

The snack is here: demo-text-asset - Snack

P/S: I am using lz-string to compress the file then base64 it

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