How to know expo-cli versions changes

Hey, it’s just a question. I wanted to know where I can get a list of the changes that were made between versions. For example, it has been updated from version 2 to version 3.

Hi @braianj!

Unfortunately, I don’t think Expo keeps track of a changelog for expo-cli. I think that would be a great addition too. But luckily for us, if you dig deep enough in GitHub, we can “generate” a changelog!

When you create a PR in GitHub, you can “preview” changes made between your repo/branch and the repo/branch you are creating the PR for. We can reuse this mechanism to “create” a changelog.

Here you can see all file changes and commits made to Expo CLI, starting from 2.21.2 (latest 2.x) and 3.0.3 (latest 3.x). If you want to see the changes between other versions, try changing the URL to your desired tags. :grimacing:

Hope it helps :heart:!

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