How to integrate react-native-code-push

I want to integrate react-native-code-push, but need to customize some files.
So, how to customize the files generated by eas buinding.
Thanks guys!

see this docs page: Adding custom native code - Expo Documentation

that said, you might want to check out EAS Update - it provides a similar set of features: Introduction to EAS Update - Expo Documentation

Thanks. @brents

I don’t want to use expo-update.

I fount a doc Config Plugins - Expo Documentation , I’m trying to write a plugin.

out of curiosity, what makes you prefer codepush?

I have used expo-update when sdk44.
At that time, it can’t display the number of installations, the number of rollbacks, or disable a buggy update.
I don’t know how it is now, just to be compatible with the original project.