How to integrate fastlane-plugin-instabug-official


We would like to automatically upload our dSYM file to Instabug during the build process. For this, we found the fastlane-plugin-instabug-official plugin.

However, we struggle a bit how to integrate this. It looks like we would need to change the ios/Gymfile. This file, however, is autogenerated and we have no idea where we would get the variables (such as which is the schema, which is the provision ID, etc) from.

Is anybody using a custom Gymfile or does anybody know how to configure this?


If you are ok with a hacky solution, then you could

As for the proper solution, we are open to suggestions on how features like that could be configured, we could just add one more option to eas.json, but we are trying to avoid it and look into more generic solutions

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