How to install expo .ipa on iPhone 6?

Hello, I have build an ipa with expo build:ios --apple-id ${EXPO_APPLE_ID} -t simulator --release-channel staging --non-interactive.

I have downloaded the ipa using curl -o ${CI_BUILD_TAG}-staging.ipa "$(npx expo url:ipa --non-interactive)" and I want to install it with XCode on an iPhone 6.

Within xcode, I go on Window > Devices and Simulator, on the left panel I see my iPhone, where I can drag and drop .ipa into Installed Apps list.

I expect the ipa to install, instead I have the following error:


I have never published on the app store and this is my first native app.

Is it xcode or the ipa, is there a way to solve this?

Does that mean my app is broken and won’t work on iOS because locally it work and I do not want to be fooled.

Thanks in advance for advices,