How to import Jar.file in Expo or React Native?

I saw the guide to include the Jar.File that I made.

reference site

I added it along with the guide, MainActivity.I also tested the code in Java.

jar.file: android/app/libs/libgbx.jar

I’ve added the Jar.file, and The test was done in a file.


dependencies {
  implementation fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs')
  implementation 'gbrick.libgbx:libgbx:1.0'

public class MainActivity extends DetachActivity {

  WalletManager walletMgr;

    walletMgr = new WalletManager(this);

   WalletInfo wallet = walletMgr.createGBXKeystore("test", "test");


The test was successfully debugged.

But I don’t know how to write this module in the App.js file.

const {WalletManager} = NativeModules;

I tried the above method, but I couldn’t read it.

How can I use the import? Please explain in detail.

I’d appreciate it if you could write an example for me to understand.