How to import existing project into expo

Hey guys and gals, anyone know how to import an existing project into Expo? I tried to simply open it and am getting a ‘missing exp.json’ error. PLz halp thank you :smile:

It’s as simple as installing expo globally npm install -g exp and then running exp convert in your project directory!

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you my BOI!! Thanks, Adam :slight_smile:


‘exp convert’ is temporarily under maintenance and not available
The easiest way to convert a project at the moment is to create a new project with ‘exp init’ and copy your project files into it.

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‘exp convert’ is temporarily under maintenance and not available
How long could it be that way…?

@albian :woman_shrugging:
I don’t personally know, but it’s a pretty crazy feature and would probably have too many edge cases. I would recommend just bringing the code into a fresh Expo project. Relatively speaking it’s not that bad :sweat: but pretty soon you’ll be so into Expo and never want to use vanilla RN again and probably not run into this :joy::joy::blue_heart:

I’m pretty enthusiastic about the capabilities of Expo for creating a CRNA app and testing it in Expo … but one created from scratch. What I’m having problems with is this case: the app I want to run already exists, and is under react@15.4.2 and react-native@0.42.0 with no success at all. Too many code differences, too many red screens… Dunno what I’m failing at, or if it is possible to Expo an app for those such old versions. If there is a way, please let me know asap, and thanks in advance.

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Sorry I sorta dropped the ball on the “ASAP” part of this.
I would recommend using the newer versions of react and react-native I don’t know for sure that those versions are supported anymore.
Porting a project can be cumbersome but that’s kinda something one must do when using react-native as it’s still actively changing :confused: It’s still way easier than writing a native app :sweat_smile:

Hello gang :raising_hand_man:t3:,

This links throws a 404 now, is there a new link for this? It’s kind of exciting to learn that you can easily add expokit to an existing React Native project.

Hey @wcandillon ,

The exp convert command has since been deprecated. The process is a bit more manual now. See:



Thanks a lot Adam, really appreciate :raised_hands:t2:

Hi All, I want to know which files should I copy from existing project to Expo blank template project? It says javascript files, but I got error

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The link no longer works for some reason “An unexpected error has occured” is the error message I get when clicking it.

When I import the files and try running them I get an error message

Unable to resolve "react-navigation" from "App.js" Failed building JavcaScript bundle.