How to handle credentials/keys when rebuilding binaries to update app

Hi, I am trying to update my app before releasing, but because I changed the app logo in the app.json, I need to build the app again with expo build:android/ios. I have already experienced accidentally clearing the google keystore, and had to upload the app as it’s new, so I really want to make sure I understand the whole process for app signing.

As far as I understand:

  • Run expo fetch:android:keystore, save credentials
  • Build again with expo fetch:android -c
    (when expo asks about how to handle the keys, choose to upload your own keys, then enter values saved from the previous step)

Now upload the new binary to google play console, the binary should already be re-signed with the correct keys.

(Updates: I just build a new binary .apk followed these steps but still got the error: You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate.):frowning:


  • Run expo build:ios
    (If there are conflicts regarding certificates, delete all of them from apple developer portal)
  • Upload the binariy from Application Loader

Hi @olive0131!

In regards to the error with your APK signing- did you change anything else in your app.json besides the logo? See here for a post with the same issue

For iOS- it should find the credentials associated with your app, if not simply upload them, correct.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

What I changed in the app.json was I added the foreground and the backgroundColor under the android.adaptiveIcon key, then I bumped the versionCode.

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