How to handle Android app signing for an existing app


We have recreated an existing app using Expo (it was built on a different platform originally) and are having issues with the Google app signing process, as this is our first time deploying an Android app. We’ve followed the instructions here - and we cannot seem to get it to work correctly. Starting with step #4, we don’t seem to have any of the options to add an upload key (the .pem file) to the App Signing tab of our Google Play account.

A couple of questions we have would be:

  1. Are we supposed to email Google support with the .pem file and have them add it to our account? We’ve found this post on your forums that seems to indicate this is the course of action we are supposed to take, but your documentation states you can do it yourself (which again, we have no visible option to do so).

  2. Are we correct in creating a new keystore in Expo and extracting the upload key from there to send off to Google? We are not the original maintainers of the app, we came in and rebuilt it with Expo, and we were given a Java Keystore by the original maintainers along with the credentials for it, which Expo allowed me to upload, but it causes our builds to fail on step 5 Running Gradle with the error Cannot recover key.

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