How to get localUri of image after Image.prefetch?


I am trying to use React-Native’s Share API to share an image that was loaded into a conversation from a Amazon URI. Currently the Share api accepts a uri string. I can share the uri string, but would like to share the actual image by caching it locally and referencing the localUri in the Share API instead

Possible Solutions

  • Request and convert the hosted image into a base64 string and pass that in as a uri string to the Share API
  • Cache the image locally using Image.prefetch([uri]), and reference the locally cached file in the Share API
  • I tried doing this, but didn’t not receive any response after the image was cached

Your help/feedback is greatly appreciated it.

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I’d love to find a solution to this as well.

You can use FileSystem.downloadAsync instead of Image.prefetch if you want to have a local file uri: