How to get keystore credentials


When I first built my project, I selected 1) Let Expo handle the process! and after Build I downloaded the keystore running command “expo fetch:android:keystore”.
2. After this build I created one more build and it again shown me option to create keystore and I generated new keystore file again. But now I want to build app with keystore which was generated by first Build.
I have that first build Keystore downloaded can I get credentials of that keystore? or How can I build with that keystore?

after the first build each new build should use the same keystore unless:

  • you cleared credentials
  • you changed slug
  • you logged in to different account or added owner field

If you want to build using keystore you have locally, instead of selecting " Let Expo handle the process" select the other option, if the prompt does not show up for you run build with option --clear-credentials