How to get build download link from EAS CLI?

Is there a way to get the download link from EAS for a CLI process? I’d like to automate submitting app builds for internal distribution (on Browserstack, in this instance) automatically after each build. I see from my bitbucket pipeline, after the build I get an output like the following:

Waiting for build to complete. You can press Ctrl+C to exit.
- Waiting for build to complete.
✔ Build finished
🤖 Android app:<my-app-gud-string>.aab

With the url, I can upload the output via rest API - is there any good way to accomplish this?

Well, if anyone happens across this post with the same problem, here’s how I went about it on bitbucket’s cli:

- apt-get update 
- apt-get -y install jq
- yarn # needed?
- IOS=$(npx eas-cli build:list --json --limit=1 --platform=ios --non-interactive | jq '.[0].artifacts.buildUrl')
- echo "$IOS"

- AND=$(npx eas-cli build:list --json --limit=1 --platform=android --non-interactive | jq '.[0].artifacts.buildUrl')
- echo "$AND"

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