How to get Android debug and release keys (SHA-1 for Google authentication) in Expo?

I added Google auth in my app and released it on Google Play. It’s working perfectly fine in development mode but when I download the app through Google Play, Google auth breaks.

I followed this guide (android - Google sign in not working after publishing in play store - Stack Overflow) and added SHA-1 keys generated by Google and recompiled the app with the new google-services.json file, but still no hope.

Now I think the problem has to do with release / debug keys according to this stackover flow post (java - Firebase UI authentication with google fails with message (code:10 message:10) - Stack Overflow) but I don’t know how to get the keys in Expo.

Could someone please help me where to get release / debug keys in Expo? I’ve been struggling for a week and would greatly appreciate your help.

expo credential:manager