How to get a publish identifier in the runtime

Hi loving the dev workflow the Expo bundle system can deliver!

I am wanting to display a build identifier in a view that correlates with a publish id I can see in the command line expo publish:history listings.

One thing that stands out available in the runtime when the bundle changes is the Expo.Constants.manifest.revisionId. Can the revisionId be derived from a publish id?

Is that possible, would I need to derive the revisionId from a publish somehow?

I’m not sure what you could do with revisionId, but we had a similar discussion not long ago about keeping a separate “JavaScript Build Number” here: Incrementing and identifying version and build.

Regardless of whether revisionId lines up with anything in the publish history, you could use that value to mark a point in time by adding it to a release tag in git. That may be more useful than referring back to publish history anyway, since that publish history doesn’t really tell you what the source was at the time. What we do is create a release in git each time we publish for production, and add our JS Build Number to that release. Even though publishId is unique and could serve the same purpose, we prefer the separate build number so we can have something that we can print in the user interface and a user can easily read back to us.