How to fit a big image into a fixed container without resizeMode, HELP

I’m facing a problem with Image, need to fit a big image into a 200*300 View, but I want the whole image to fit into my container, I use resizeMode={‘contain’} but it does not seem good.

render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <Header />

        <View style={{ height: 200, width: 300, backgroundColor: 'red', overflow: 'hidden', borderWidth: 2, borderColor: 'green' }}>
        <Image style={{flex:1,width:null,height:null }} resizeMode={'contain'}  source={{uri: ''}}></Image>


This is the remote image →

If I use resizeMode={'contain'}, it seems to get the expected result but not

If I dont use resizeMode, the image doest not fit into its container

i guess it is because the view is a fixed width and height, the view is the container of the image. if you want the image to fill the container you need to change the size of the view

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