How to extract data/object from FaceDetector API?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

Hello, I’m new to React Native and still learning React and JavaScript.

I’m practicing on Expo snack with FaceDetector API and managed to generate data about faces. However, I don’t know how to extract these data. My goal for now is to render the rollAngle data in a Text component.

Here is the code I use and tested with my cellphone:

import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react';
import { Text, View } from 'react-native';
import { Camera } from 'expo-camera';
import * as FaceDetector from 'expo-face-detector'

export default function App() {
  const [hasPermission, setHasPermission] = useState(null);
  const [faces, setFaces] = useState([])

  const faceDetected = ({faces}) => {
  useEffect(() => {
    (async () => {
      const { status } = await Camera.requestPermissionsAsync();
      setHasPermission(status === 'granted');
  }, []);

  if (hasPermission !== true) {
    return <Text>No access to camera</Text>

  return (
    //<View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
        style={{ flex: 1 }}
        onFacesDetected = {faceDetected}
        FaceDetectorSettings = {{
          detectLandmarks: FaceDetector.Constants.Landmarks.all,
          runClassifications: FaceDetector.Constants.Classifications.none,
          minDetectionInterval: 5000,
          tracking: false
            flex: 1,
            backgroundColor: 'transparent',
            flexDirection: 'row',
          <Text style= {{top:200}}> is {faces[0].rollAngle} </Text>

In the snack console, I see results like this:

I also tried to replace faceDetected with the following code:

  const faceDetected = (faces) => {

console results look like this:

Either way, when I tried to render rollAngle, an error message showed up and said faces[0].rollAngle is undefined and is not an object.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you

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