How to enable Chrome Developer Tools?

I am using CRNA - and my app builds and runs OK on device - but how to enable Chrome Developer tools for debugging when running on device? I can see that console.log output shows in my terminal window but there seems to be no equivalent of CMD-D to enable remote debugging.

Using Expo XDE does not seem to help either. When I start it, it stops the packager that was running in my terminal window and then displays 1 issue with the project:
Warning: Not using the Expo fork of react-native…

Are you using a physical phone for development? If you shake the phone, the dev menu will display and you should be able to enable remote debugging there.


Yes - that did the trick - thanks. Indeed it would be useful to put a message/reminder on the splash screen that the initial App.js shows. Shaking the phone is not entirely discoverable!

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