How to disable apple pay pop up

Dear Expo members,

I have an access control system and when my Iphone close to the nfc reader the apple pay gui appears and my expo app goes into background. I do not want it. Are there any way to disable apple pay if my expo app is in foreground?
Thank you so much!

Are there any ways to use this? If you have the necessary entitlement from Apple, then you can use this api, but how to use it in expo? @wodin do you have any idea?Apple Developer Documentation

Hi @freeridre

Sorry, but this stuff is more advanced than I’ve had to deal with before and I wasn’t able to figure it out after a quick look.

If you can find any React Native package that provides access to this functionality then I think it should be relatively straightforward to use it in Expo with EAS Build.
Otherwise if there’s an example React Native app that calls requestAutomaticPassPresentationSuppression somewhere in the code under the ios directory, it should also be possible to do that with a Config Plugin (although I think it would be more messy).

Otherwise if you know how to do this in a native iOS app, then maybe you can figure out how to incorporate those changes into the native part of a React Native app and then work from there to figure out how to do it in a Config Plugin, or make an iOS Native Module and call that from JS.