how to decrypt a expo-crypto string

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):android and ios

once we have encrypted a string using expo-crypto’s Crypto.digestStringAsync method how to decrypt it?


Crypto.digestStringAsync() does not encrypt the string. It uses a cryptographic hash function to generate a checksum from the string. i.e. it is a one-way hash function, not encryption.

The expo-crypto module is named a bit confusingly in my opinion. Maybe they’re planning to add things like encryption and decryption later in which case the name would make sense.

Can you please suggest me some other way to encrypt and decrypt data
Basically I want to download a video and then encrypt it so that the user can’t access the video outside the app

Sorry, I don’t know off hand. I think you might have to eject. Try googling for things like “react-native encryption”.

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