How to create bundle for export

Hi, i am new in react-native. And i did some small project with Expo, without any imulators.
How can i create bundle for export?

hi @donika, here is some documentation to help:

  1. Publishing: bundle up all your source code and make it available from a URL

  2. Standalone: Building ipa/apk for the App Store/Google Play store

  3. Release channels: lets you publish multiple branches of your app in (1.)

Thanks for reply.
All this commands works out the box in create-react-native app?

Hi @donika - yes, create-react-native-app makes an expo project, so if you run npm install -g exp you can use all of the exp commands in the docs quin linked to above :slight_smile: hope this helps!

sure you help! thanks :slight_smile:

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