How to Create an EAS PR CI Workflow with specific builds per PR

This is a common and very nice experience on the web I’m wondering if I can create this with Expo.

I’d like to have it so whenever a PR is created a job is fired off with EAS to create a build of just that branch. I’d then like it so I have a QR code that can be pulled up by a product owner or other non-technical person to test out that branch for QA.

We’re doin all our CI and SD with Github Actions and our app uses many native modules not included in Expo by default so I don’t think I’ll be able to use Expo Go for this.

Is this workflow possible?

hi there! this is definitely something we want to make super straightforward to set up out of the box, we’re working on closer github integration for this. until then you can use github actions to create a preview build on eas build, and then take the resulting build archive url and post it to the pr along with a qr code for it. Triggering builds from CI - Expo Documentation

Thanks Brents. I went through the docs on this pretty thoroughly. I actually have full CI and CD setup with EAS. The part that I’m stuck on is generating the QR code.

How do I get the resulting build archive (or update) url programmatically in CI? Didn’t see that mentioned anywhere in the docs.

the best thing to include in qr code is a link to the internal distribution build page. when you visit the page a presigned link is generated that is valid for 15 minutes, so posting a link to the actually archive won’t work quite so well

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