How to create a package to integrate with other apps?

I’m trying to create a package that will help customers integrate easier. Is there a way I could package an expo app and run it from any android/ios app? I know react native has a way to do so but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that using expo. The react native way has configuration problems because I’m using expo libraries.

For classic build service, it’s not possible to add any library with native code
For EAS Build, any package that works with react native auto-linking will work in eas too.

Hi @marinouj

You can use Expo libraries from React Native apps/libraries.

It sounds to me like you’re trying to write something like a client library for talking to some service that you provide or maybe some custom hardware? It might help if you provided more info :slight_smile:

If your “client library” consists of plain JavaScript/TypeScript code then you should be able to package it as an npm and it should be usable from React Native or Expo apps.

If your “client library” also includes native code then it should also be possible to write it just like any other React Native library, as far as I understand it. I have not done this before, though. To use a library like this in a managed Expo app, the app will need to be built with EAS Build (instead of expo build) and you might also need to write a config plugin.