How to completely disable facebook libraries for Android apps


We are using your library expo in our mobile app for updating JS bundles and sending notifications to our end users. We are very satisfied with its functionalities.
However, we have noticed that, on the Android app, many requests are made to when the app launches. According to Privacy International NGO (, it appears that it is sufficient to integrate the Facebook SDK to be tracked by Facebook. You will find below a screenshot of the mobile phone traffic captured when connecting on our app on an Android phone.

Since this behavior is not compliant with our privacy policy and that we do not use at all the Facebook SDK for our apps, we would like to completely disable this part of expo for iOS as well as for Android app.
According to expo docs, it seems to be already possible to completely disable Facebook libraries on iOS.
Is it possible to do so easily (with no need to fork expo) for Android, and if so, how to proceed?

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I have a simillar problem and want to disable for the Face book libraries on iOS - did you find a solution? I also want to disable,, e.crashlytics as well.

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Hi! We (Expo) are in the midst of providing paid services for developers with more specific needs like this. Otherwise, the bare workflow is probably the best option, which gives you full control over the native code (with some trade-offs, explained more fully explained here)

Charlie I’m interested in what you said about paid services - can we please have a call to discuss what this means. We have some very large clients so this could be interesting.

More information will be coming out soon, but I’m happy to talk! Send an email to with some details on your needs or message me on the Expo Developers community Slack (Charlie Cruzan)

Thanks for your answer!

Also just to link, an issue was posted here:

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