How to clear localStorage data of Expo app from Android?

Hey guys,

I’ve used redux-persist on an app I’m building with Expo. I ran into an issue, and I’m kinda stuck because everytime I reload the app, the “wrong” data is loaded from my localStorage. How do I clear this local data for this app only?

I’m thinking to go Apps > Expo > Clear Cache. But won’t this clear localStorage data of my other (Expo) apps too?

Hey, just to answer my own question (and also to clarify), this is not an Expo related issue at all.

I was able to fix my ‘issue’ by preventing redux-persist code to run on my app. I removed all persistStore and code wherever I had used it to ensure redux-persist does not initialise when I re-load the app.

Once I was able to solve my issue, I re-enabled my redux-persist code once again.

Hope this helps anybody else stuck in a similar situation.

Quick update: To add to my answer, I eventually also had to purge my persistor object (see docs here in redux-persist) to clear all my saved state in local, ie, persistStore(store).purge(). Incredibly, this also fixed the lag I was getting while transitioning between screens on my TabNavigator/ StackNavigator.


Thanks for posting the update!

Sure thing, @adamjnav :slight_smile:

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