how to change image size in the splash screen?

This is a splash screen on react native expo

I want to the image size and the move the image up 20% insteading being cener vertically like right now. Is it possible?

Hey @cosmo,

Are you referring to the entire Splash Screen png or the bowl of noodles image? If the latter, that’s something you have to tweak in a photo editor like Sketch. It’s not something to be done with code in your app.



I’m referring the splash screen.

I want to move the bowl higher a bit. Something like paddingTop: 30%

I also want to make the bowl smaller or bigger via code, something like width:60%

As I mentioned before, that’s not possible. The .png file is a static image. It’s not a component that can be altered. You’ll have to use some photo editing software to achieve what you want.

ok thamks

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You’re welcome!

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