How to building local expo backend

Currently I have a project that uses push notifications but I want to build a system running only local, when I use exponent-server-sdk-node I notice there is a link to, That is expo backend, do you have any solution?

Hi there @isthaison!

The expo push notification service which uses is provided to make it fast and easy to get push notifications set up - expo’s service handles the heavy lifting.

The answer to your question depends upon what you mean when you ask “to build a system running only local.” Do you mean that your app needs only local notifications, not push notifications? If so, those are documented here:

However, I have a feeling that you are instead referring to the ability to control push notifications from your own server. In that case, you’d need to set up your own server and configure your own push notification service from scratch. For example, here’s apple’s iOS guide to this process:

Just curious, if you don’t mind sharing - is there a particular reason you’d like to use your own backend rather than Expo’s service?

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