How to build expo with provisioning profile Apple ID wildcard

when I try build provisioning profile Apple ID type wildcard id then error occurs below :

buildPhase: “building and signing IPA”
Oct 17 17:25:21 turtle[3663] ERROR: Error: validateProvisioningProfile: wrong bundleIdentifier found in provisioning profile; expected:, found (in provisioning profile):*
at _ensureBundleIdentifierIsValid (/@expo/xdl@56.2.2-alpha.2/src/detach/IosCodeSigning.js:62:11)
at Object.validateProvisioningProfile (/@expo/xdl@56.2.2-alpha.2/src/detach/IosCodeSigning.js:35:3)
at (/@expo/xdl@56.2.2-alpha.2/src/detach/IosIPABuilder.js:36:22)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
platform: “ios”

Does expo support provisioning profile apple id wildcard build?
Please help me. Thanks

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