How to build complete offline IOS app?

Hi @wkozyra

How can I make an ios app works complete offline. I don’t want to host any of my assets/ JS bundle either in expo CDN / on my own server. I want my app to load all the app related data to be loaded from local .IPA

For your information, I don’t need any OTA feature.

Is this is possible?

I rember reading something like this before and I found the post.

Basically you would still build on Expo, but during the build you can tell Expo what should be integrated inside of the app with: assetBundlePatterns.

I hope this is what you’re looking for.

Thanks @dept

My question is While building expo app what is the need to publish the static files to an URL(either expo CDN / hosting on own server)

Actually I want build an .ipa for an enterprise. My enterprise is concerned about their privacy policy. So they don’t want to store their assets in expo server/cdn.

So I think I will be having the following cases to address their concern

Case 1 - Host the app on my own server and build stanalone using expo build service

A.) When I host the app on my own server use expo build services I will download the app from “” . Here what is actually happening? Will expo store my app bundle on their server/CDN.

Case 2 - Host the app on my own server and using turtlle CLI to build the stand alone

B.) when I run

turtle-cli build:ios --public-url

imageUrl, iconUrl, bundleUrl in the index.json will point to the server where I hosted those files.
After creating .ipa file suppose if I kill the server. Then how my app will behave ?

Can you please address A & B.


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