How to backup or save file/data onto iCloud?

I am building an application that needs to save data locally, and I hope there could be a button that allows user manually backup their data to iCloud,

I have checked: AsyncStorage, SecureStore, and FileSystem in the documents.

But I found nothing about how to achieve it, any idea?

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no one has a requirement like this?

It seems there are no solutions for expo to store data to iCloud

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I suspect you’d have to eject to do this. There are a couple of feature requests that seem related. You should upvote them if the functionality is something you want built in to Expo:

Also, the Expo team is making it less painful to eject these days, so you might want to try ejecting to the Bare workflow in the mean time.


I have ejected to build IAPs, I’ll see if there are some libs could help me achieve this. Thank you!