How to avoid expo trigger OTA ?

"expo": "^42.0.3"

IPA generated by command expo build:ios
APK generated by command expo build:android

I don’t set another channel, so the channel is default.

upload the App to google play and app store, the App’ s version is 1.2.5

Now I develop 1.2.6 and don’t want the app trigger OTA after 1.2.5

Solution 1:

I set updates to false in app.json

    "updates": {
      "enabled": false

and just type command expo build:ios or expo build:android, then open the App from store becomes to 1.2.6

Solution 2:

remains solution 1 setting and type command expo build:ios --no-publish or expo build:android --no-publish

The issue is If the command with --no-publish, expo history check the build version is 1.2.5 not 1.2.6 ?
also the app from store still triggers OTA

What step I miss ?
How to build app without OTA ?