How to archive the First-load-offline with detached project?

I want to archive the First-load-offline. @terribleben you suggested us can use shell-app-manifest.json and shell-app.bundle, can you give me more information? Thx!

@ben sorry for wrong name

Hi, where did you see that information? I probably need to go edit a very old answer somewhere.

At the time of writing, you get this behavior by default when you run exp detach because we’ll add ios.publishBundlePath and ios.publishManifestPath to your app.json. These automatically bundle your JS for first-load-offline every time you run exp publish for your detached project.

If your app uses any assets, this isn’t the whole story about first-load-offline. We support bundling assets offline in exp build but we don’t yet support this in ExpoKit apps.

I get that information from github:
We use detached Expokit app for “react-native link” feature, and need first-load-offline.


Embedding the JS bundle so that the first load happens offline is supported only with non-detached projects currently.

Please see Ben’s answer above for the latest behavior with embedded JS in detached projects.

First load from remote is so slow. :sweat:

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